Eco External Wall Insulation

QBuilders conducts External Wall Insulation with utmost regard to safety, quality, and efficiency (both in cost and performance). With the professional services that Quality Builders provides, any structure can be properly insulated with the finest materials – with the help of the best staff to do the job.

The two most common materials used in this type of insulation are Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and Extruded Polystyrene (XPS). The latter, XPS, is the material used by QBuilders in its various installation projects. XPS, in general, has a higher R-value than the other material mentioned above, and its internal structure tends to be stronger as well.

QBuilders utilizes XPS panels that comply with the standards for this type of material (ETAG 004: 2000). Lightweight and durable, this material provides the required amount of external insulation, improves the overall condition of the walls by preventing the buildup of microorganisms and decreasing moisture retention, and creates an aesthetically pleasing exterior for the structure.

Each XPS panel is arranged accordingly to cover the outside walls of your home or building, with regard to the significant thermodynamic and heat transfer properties involved in the process.

Dedicated to bring quality services and the most efficient results, Quality Builders conducts an installation method based on a thorough and technical study of the whole system. The system is highly efficient that it will reduce the operating costs of your heating and/or cooling systems while reducing your energy consumption.

Aside from the insulation properties of the material and the appropriate installation method, Quality Builders also prioritizes the overall appearance of their installation. While protecting your walls from exposure to extreme weather conditions that can weaken and damage the structure itself, the external wall insulation should make your home or building visually captivating. QBuilders ensures that the structure looks great on the outside, and feels even better on the inside – especially that the installed insulation is of exceptional quality.

QBuilders guarantees results that can only be achieved with the expertise that the company has gained through comprehensive research and evaluation. We provide excellent services for all your external wall insulation needs – giving you the most comfortable interior any time of the year.